How the band wagon destroys you totally.

So today, I walked into this café to take passport photograph, upon hearing the price to get just 4passports, that’s how I did (about turn) and told the man “okay bye”. Took a few steps and came back again, this time I sat down and waited for my turn.

While sitting on the couch, I picked up a magazine flipped through to kill time while I waited. And so I stumbled on a story that inspired me to write this.

I would like to know your stand on ladies who go all out to get their skin color bleached so as to be seen as pretty “LIGHT SKINNED” And attractive babe.

Back when I was with Advertising and MarketIng Agency, I had this colleague who is into organic products ranging from body to hair. All hand made with no form of chemical.

It was her side hustle and she was passionate about soap making. In fact most times she made soaps like cupcakes, always bringing in something new to table.

The interesting part of the story is her feedback from customers; she reads them out loud to anyone who cares to hear of another encounter.

There was always something to talk about. The most frequent was about soap or cream to make them lighter. Ladies call asking if they can get something that will make their skin lighter, brighter. And it became topic for us all as to why almost every woman wants to be lighter.

Rewind to the story in the magazine at the café, it was about two female close friends in the higher institution, they were roommates. Who had high hopes as to what to do after they graduate.

These two ladies were beautiful and intelligent. That’s how one of them got back one day and decided that she was going out with one babe to get some things for her to look attractive.

“My dear to become a big babe in this campus you have to be glowing” your skin has to be on point and speak the language .

The rush is on babes that are fair in complexion. She went ahead and paid for the different mixture and products she was given. Within a short time she started seeing results and in a year she is now hot. “Her market begin sell”. She had everything she wanted.

After school, she was hired immediately after youth service as a marketer in a bank. Her friend on the other hand was not that lucky as she was even told she will not bring in customers with her dark complexion.

She continued in her search for a good Job and gradually lost confidence in herself. She felt inferior at social gatherings and could no longer associate with peers.

It became too much for her to handle. So the babe then remembered that her friend who is now very fair knowing what she did, called her friend up and joined the band wagon.

She eventually got the product and it did work for her, she became hot as she expected it was all rosy. Sadly it hit her hard when she could no longer find that brand of what she was using. This is how the beauty began to fail things were falling apart. And it went from bad to worse.

For a fact most men cannot stand any lady who is dark in complexion and I understand the different strokes for different folks.

However, what we need to clear is the WHY is it an offense to be born ‘dark ‘

It is vital that this very issue which is affecting our society should be looked into objectively.

Promoting this will not only destroy our image but will bring rise to low self-esteemed generation

People should consider the effects of these hash chemicals on the human body.

The harm to human nature… The disturbed sleep patterns. Hyperactivity nausea. Increased aggressiveness and irritability.

Other effects which include insomnia, confusion ,anxiety and paranoia and more.

On the bright side, we should place value on who we are regardless the colour of your skin.

How can one stay away from joining? The need to work on belief system. mental attitude change to believe that you have the best complexion and no one is exactly like you. You are unique.

If you or anyone you falls into this category of trying to figure out the way to be accepted by the ‘men’. I ask would you rather spend the rest of your life with the implications and health deterrents ?

Remember “black is beautiful” You can glow in you skin tone. Take proper care of you,eat healthily and have good skin regimen. Get sleep when you should. Worry less and be happy.

Do not join the band wagon .

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