The issues of life…

Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it all trickles the issues of life.

To that one person who will find the piece today, I know it is too much and your head is clouded, you are drowning and all alone.

People around might even think you have it all put together, but you are gradually becoming a shadow of yourself.

Yes you are not alone. Shake it off “dear you” yes you, you can do more just give one more chance and even another with an open mind.

Basically you need to realize that all negative, insensitive, uncaring, #depressing, angry and evil thoughts and feelings are from a negative energy which some believe it’s from the (devil.)

And we often tend to accept these negative thoughts and feelings without fighting them off , true it usually comes strong but saps with it’s weight when you entertain it.

Be at peace with your mind AND stay alive and healthy. Would you say No to #depression today?

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