Bleeding battle…

Amazing they were!!! about two straight hours they held the audience with the expression of wanting more of their power-packed rendition.

Practise is one thing that I have realized will forever go along with everything that breathes “MAN”

As long as you breathe, and you are making a conscious effort to grow from a level to another to become highly skilled, you will always meet with PRACTISE…

This “8” letter word is so powerful that it appears in your every journey… You can not shy away from it.

Having delved into different adventures, I can say I am able to do different skills with the quest to do more.

It has been a reoccurrence from all lessons learned in the different ventures on this subject matter.

To practise has a place to perform an activity or exercise (a skill) repeatedly or regularly for the purpose of improving or to maintain proficiency and eventually be an expert in the field.

Sports teams practise when preparing for actual games where there is an expectation to WIN. So is playing a musical instrument well, it takes a lot of practise and learning to be a well-sorted instrumentalist

Most people can be tagged (Oliver Twist) who always wants some more right? Do you see anything wrong with wanting an extra? No, you would say, but here is the truth

“Practise and continuous practise is all you need your little extras as (Oliver Twist).

Learn all the skills you can and take away the repeated action of that act, then you will float.

To practically analyze this; Deji has just concluded from law school and has been called to bear, and finally, he begins to practice law.

Year in year out they are doing different cases that come to their table. Note that in the different cases they take up, all they do is to PRACTISE…

Would there be a reason for Deji to be at the same level after 5years of practicing? What happens when he clocks 10years in his field?

Can he be compared to a course mate who graduated same time but didn’t get to practice law as he did? I don’t think so.

Some school of thoughts will say the more you sweat in practice the less you bleed in battle.

What are you practicing repeatedly today? How glued are you to a route that is counterproductive to your journey?

Pause now and reverse the bleeding battle, would you?

3 thoughts on “Bleeding battle…

  1. The more you do proficiently & repeatedly the more professional you become. The expertise improves with every practice….a good piece CEO.


  2. Great piece and nicely crafted. You can’t be better at what you do if there’s no practice and there’s no amount of practice that can be done to be perfect. It’s a continuous process.

    Well done Chidiebere.


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