If Only

Tamino got off her phone with a gloomy look that hurriedly dismissed the gummy smile.

It was another scrutiny phase for her. With the constant reminder of when will it happen. Why is my case different? I have tried so many things and failed at them.

Haa, failed? did you just read the word FAILED? Oh my!!! It is appalling how we do not pay attention to the pointers that could lead to the discovery of our destination and purpose.Understanding the concept, that you only fail when you stop working on that which you have ventured into, will help change the narrative of the self Inflicted pain.

When you keep trying and it’s just not working out for some reason, note that it is not FAILURE.

It is simply a LEARNING ROPE 👍 yes you learn by not getting it right at that given trial and even another time you try and don’t get it right.

Accumulation of your different trials becomes your experience and this is one skill you have to acquire on YOUR OWN.

Interestingly, there are no two persons with the same story of what they have been through in life.

Our stories will never be the same. Just as life has a different twist so it is in the mix of our experiences.


Often times nobody love the smell of failure, we all see failure as evidence of poor performances.

But this is a part of every human life, for a certain no one can achieve success if they don’t have a taste of failure. Failing is what helps us get more prepared for the proposed success.

If we can come to terms that FAILURE is an inherent part of every journey to your success story then it makes it a lot helpful.

It might appear difficult to imbibe the culture of replacing failed attempts as 📈 a scale to a beautiful end BUT it only takes a change of mindset.

Is it rosy for those who have attained the heights that you admire? NO, do they also lose in their battles? YES, they do.

Succinctly, the paradigm shift here is MINDSET. What are those things you are afraid of failing at? Take that step and try repeatedly, you never know what you will be launching.

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