Covid-19: Now and beyond the pandemic

It’s really been a while here, to be honest, ideas trickle down every now and then, but will I say village people will not let me (jokes)

But what exactly stops me from dropping the lines? Could it be that I already know the answer to this?

Could it also be a case of the mind is willing but the body is weak? Could it truly be that the village people are on my case?

Come on! It’s not enough to have ideas, ideas are born everyday by different people, it is the action we take in executing those ideas that place you higher.

Truth is most times we allow that spirit of “I will do it later” to out power the willpower of accomplishing the beautiful ideas that have been laid in our hearts by God.

Letting mental blocks take control is only snatching your time and shine. When we realize and accept the fact that the world’s greatest achievers have been those who have always stayed focused on their goals and have been consistent in their efforts, then we are scaling up.

This time indeed is a trying time for everyone globally, the pandemic has taken a toll on the economy, it has crumbled businesses, millions of people have lost their jobs, lives gone, hunger ravaging, depression isn’t far fetched.

But hey, do you know that the COVID 19 virus is not going to disappear just like that? This outbreak has given the whole world a scare for their health, as important as we are scared of our wallet and money.

And so, we question what is going to happen? Think of it this way, that there will be a lot less money, so save MONEY, ensure you do not spend on anything that you do not need. This is not the time to feed on Ice cream and yogurts or buying of cars. It is not the time to venture on investments that will crash in the market.

It is not the time to buy a designer T-shirt or shoes etc. The crisis has clearly shown that most Jobs will not bounce back any soon, hence it is advisable to engage in skills that will be needed to face the times that we are in. It is only wise to look at the skills to make money fast.

Business people are looking to hire those with internet/digital skills, now is the time where video editing, Facebook ads, web building, sales funnels and everything digital will be highly sorted as they are the new essential workers.

Which of these can you plunge on? Why not rise up from the mental, emotional, and physical struggle and see which to grab?

With the right positioning, we might just smile again.

Until we say goodbye to coronavirus, please stay safe. Follow the WHO and NCDC directions.

Wash your hands with running waters regularly. No social gathering, wear your facemask.

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