Challenges of the Lockdown on small businesses.

Usually, we get our bag of rice from this young Igbo guy who has been with his boss for some time, a typical trend for the Igbo businessmen. Over time the relationship has grown stable that once we are low or out , he brings another to the house and he sometimes gets referrals especially at the end of the year. So, today’s transaction inspired my post. Have you noticed that many small business owners/stores would frown at the mention of money transfer even POS transactions after buying from them? They go “ah nooo, please give me cash, I don’t have time for bank give me cash”.This scenario can be related to what happened earlier this week with the ease of the lockdown, the massive crowd that some banks in Lagos experienced where most people trying to make payments and at that moment social distancing was thrown into thin air. Which is practically placing people at high risk of contracting the virus. It goes on to tell us how many of us have not embraced digital banking and the need to apply every possible method to make this work. What should be done for such persons/ businesses?But again, the charges and fees placed on such transactions could be responsible for some of the why people have refused to trust the banking system. Just last week, I witnessed an uproar in my street, a landlady who has a provision store where she sells almost anything you will need to pick was robbed of two hundred thousand naira (200,000) right inside her shop. Apparently, she keeps her money in a small bucket every transaction happens from that little bucket of hers. She would not agree to put her money in the bank with the claims that she can’t stay on the line pay and also cue up to also get money when she needs to restock. That morning was a sad one for mama landlady and her family. This is one of the challenges during this lockdown, robbery in broad daylight could get even worse as easing the lockdown is not/ will not be good on the number of cases come next two weeks. What can be done? What better measures can be adopted to stop the nonchalant attitude of these individuals in our great nation regarding digital banking? (Our economy)Just maybe we start using swipe cards or some kind of USSD code that will work with those little phones to do transactions with ease. I don’t know if this makes any sense but there should be a way around this.

But again this would mean post-Covid-19 right? I am certain that we have learned some lessons and there will be reviews and restructuring in different sectors, individually, collectively as a family, community, nation, and globally. It is paramount that all of these are placed as priorities, this nation must get off the baby stage, we have the brains, we have the resources, we are the solution that we seek. Let’s get to work and build a better nation.

4 thoughts on “Challenges of the Lockdown on small businesses.

  1. The need for small business owners to embrace digital/online banking cannot be overemphasized. There was also a case of a woman that runs a superstore in my neighborhood. She used to keep her money (sales) in the shop until some bad boys got a wind of it. They visited her on several occasions to rob her. This went on for sometime until she had to get a pos and also started encouraging her customers to pay via transfer.


  2. Cash transactions have always been risky any small business owner that hasn’t gone cashless is basically holding back himself. Again people tend to purchase more where there’s a POS machine compared to cash only.


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