We are at WAR!!!


The state of emergency should be made known to all that we are at war, how do you have a nose mask on and it is when you are to speak or when you are having a conversation is when you decide to pull it, I witnessed this today and I weary.

Truth be told, I find it difficult to understand why some beer parlors are allowed to open with gatherings where we are supposed to be practicing social distancing. I think it will not be misplaced to say it is the height of irresponsibility to go and have drinks in such places at a time like this.

Do you have to wait until someone you know or your neighbor is taken away by an ambulance for the report of COVID – 19 for it to become clear that we are at WAR?

Imagine this in the streets!!!

Let it be known the pandemic is the war we are facing…




One thought on “We are at WAR!!!

  1. That is the problem with us Nigerians. We take things for granted until it becomes out of hands then we start to run halter skelter.

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