Emotional Intelligence 101

Have you ever encountered two people banter words so much that it becomes physical? It can be brutal you know? Many a time when you probe further you realise that it could have been avoided if emotions were managed.

Some take to vexation as a result of what they go through in life. You see God’s word did not promise we will never be attacked by disappointment, discouragement, or any of the negative emotions. But there is an assurance that when all of this comes our way, we can successfully defend ourselves as he has given us the spirit of truth and will not forsake his people.

But then, because our emotions play a vital role in living a happy life, we, therefore, should pay attention to building a high level of emotional intelligence.

Because there will always be a relationship between friends, relatives, siblings, couples etc. Hence this skill should be made obtainable in all sectors for easy and conducive environment to all in the society.

Imagine in a compound where  two neighbors break in to a fight just because their wives were having the usual women quarrels and someone happened to slap the other person’s wife… As seen in a recent video on social media. These men fought their lives out as they even went as far as stabbing themselves with bottles and other lifting other weapons on sight.

Other neighbors could not stop this fight as it was super bloody, it ended when someone collapsed and both men were rushed to the hospital.

Personally, I have seen relationships crumble, things go sour, sometimes it could be issued that would have been resolved if it was handled without allowing emotions to take over the better judgment.

Now, one would ask why would a man begin a fight to that extent in his compound?

if we are to take a critical look at the scenario with the mindset that the other person could be under pressure which undeniably might not be visible, then things won’t get so bad.

Be it work, family, feelings, or friends understanding just a little more, though it might seem pretty much difficult.

Viewing the situation from the other person’s point of view and put yourself in their shoes will definitely help the case at hand.

Everyone you meet is fighting their own battle. And guess what? Some of these battles you would never get to hear.

So that man whom you think is better than you also has his own battle to conquer. Make a pause, think before you react to that challenge staring at you.

Would you rather use pain as a stepping stone today and not a campground?






4 thoughts on “Emotional Intelligence 101

  1. Emotional intelligence, hmmm
    An saying a job Weldon to you, well expressed to the lit minds who can hold for him/herself. Honestly the goal was and will be to a conducive environment to the growth of the society. I must say this is apt 👍👍


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