Bleeding battle…

Amazing they were!!! about two straight hours they held the audience with the expression of wanting more of their power-packed rendition. Practise is one thing that I have realized will forever go along with everything that breathes "MAN" As long as you breathe, and you are making a conscious effort to grow from a level... Continue Reading →

The issues of life…

Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it all trickles the issues of life. To that one person who will find the piece today, I know it is too much and your head is clouded, you are drowning and all alone. People around might even think you have it all put together, but... Continue Reading →

Playing god at workplace

Playing god at workplace There is this one thing that I truly need to understand. Please someone should help me out here. Why do people like to 'form' Lord of the rings? They sha want you to know that they are in charge as soon as you step into their work space. Talk to people... Continue Reading →

You Are What You Eat

Very many of us struggle and beat ourselves up for running in circles and not reaching a final point. Some compare and measure their success by looking at what the other person has achieved. Oh no Gladys is doing this ,has done that, will do that...and so on... Then boom, you jump in and try... Continue Reading →

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